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Brown Bag Seminar: Leadership Blind Spots

Wednesday Jan 17

11:30 AM to1 PM
The Chamber
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      Gen Y’s In the Workplace

      As Generation Y’s (10 to 30 years of age) enter the workforce, older supervisors are having difficulty adapting to this new generation. A generation that is bringing with them to the workplace: unfamiliar attitudes, different beliefs, challenging expectations, specific needs, and new motivational triggers.

      This brown bag lunch will provide instruction and discussion opportunities for supervisors, coaches and human resource professionals, related to the best practices on how to train, lead and coach Generation Y employees. During the 90 minute session you will explore four key areas:

      1.    What are the characteristics for Generation Y’s?

      2.    How these characteristics came about.

      3.    Why do Generation Y’s and older generations misunderstand each other?

      4.    Tips on how to lead, manage and coach Generations Y’s more effectively.